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Breedlove Guitars

Brandon Parr

Brandon Parr began songwriting in 1997, beginning with fingerstyle acoustic instrumentals.  In 2006, after one of these simple pieces made its way into an independent film, Brandon launched headlong into a career as a singer-songwriter.  A fine acoustic guitar is the bedrock of his creative world.  Everything begins there in the void of wire and wood.

The essence of Brandon's art is change.  Something simple is carved into shapely curves; banality is transformed into beauty.

In 2011, Brandon released an eponymous album containing works selected from three self-released EP's, Beautiful Creatures (2008), Desiderata Volume I (2009), and Desiderata Volume II (2010).  That same year he released his most successful project to date: a full-length album entitled Breaking Down: Acoustic Instrumentals (2011), recorded entirely with two Breedlove Pro Series acoustics and a single small diaphragm condenser microphone.

Brandon is a regular contributor to the local Hampton Roads NPR affiliate WHRV show Acoustic Highway, and my music has been featured in an independent film called One Love. His songs can be found in all online outlets as well as Pandora Internet Radio.

He builds guitars professionally, and have been deeply inspired by the innovations Breedlove has made in the field, especially concerning ergonomics.

In addition to solo work, he also plays in a trio along with two other singer/songwriters called Bitterroot Trio ( They play at least two festivals and/or house shows a month, they busk at the William & Mary campus, and are fond of going "Full Lebowski."

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