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Breedlove Guitars

Musician & Engineer Luke Basile Describes Benefits of Concerto Body Shape

About the Concerto Body Shape When we set out to create a guitar that would surpass the classic big body sound of the dreadnought,  we didn’t just want it to be loud. We sought to bring out more tonal complexity, and to offer a much more comfortable playing experience, too. Introducing the new Breedlove Concerto, a new guitar shape created to elicit more volume than a classic dreadnought, and more lush, complex tonal resonance in a comfortable body shape that feels just right. Loud,...

Breedlove Musician Isaac Turner Releases “Lies” Video

In the past few years, Breedlove artist Isaac Turner has been playing lots of shows, gaining fans and selling a few CD’s here and there. Things were good, but he wanted to get music out to a larger audience than the local scene he has had success in. The plan for 2017 was to release the new album, “Give You Love,” and do a west coast tour at a minimum.   However, while he was out playing shows, he was watching how other singers and bands were getting their music out. Many...

Central Oregon Daily’s Breedlove TV Spot

Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson recently toured the acoustic guitar factory in Bend, OR for a first-hand look at how our acoustic guitars are crafted. While we are not able to embed this video, you can view the full interview and TV spot by clicking here.

Acoustic Guitar Sessions Video with Breedlove Artist Katie Garibaldi

San Francisco based singer-songwriter and Breedlove musician Katie Garibaldi recently played at the Acousitc Guitar Sessions studio and perform three songs, "Delightful," "I Am," and "On My Own." Last year, Garibaldi released a new original holiday song, “Tomorrow is Christmas Morning” and has a full-length Christmas album in the works for a Fall 2017 release. About Katie Garibaldi Katie Garibaldi is a San Francisco based singer/songwriter and guitar player who has recently...

Caring for Your Acoustic Guitar in Spring

Caring for Your Acoustic Guitar in Spring

A common question we get here at Breedlove, and a topic always top-of-mind for the thoughtful acoustic guitar owner, relates to the care and maintenance of an acoustic guitar as we transition from one season to the next. Just like the change from fall to winter, the changeover from cold winter days to warmer spring days is a good time to pay a little attention to your acoustic guitars and get them in shape for the coming warmer months. Especially if you have a collection of custom acoustic...

Tonewood Talk: Brazilian Rosewood

Tonewood Talk: Brazilian Rosewood

In January, we introduced you to James, our Wood Librarian.  He shared some of his thoughts on Cocobolo and what it's like to working with the unique wood.  You can read that story here. This month, we are switching gears and talking to James about Brazilian rosewood. Q: What do you love about Brazilian rosewood? A: I love the way it looks! It comes in an array of browns, with an immense amount of character in the way the grain flows. The best part though is the sapwood....

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