Custom C25 GK Guitars

The Concert body shape is Breedlove’s number one best selling and most awarded guitar to date.  The medium size and narrow waist feel great to hold whether you are a person of large or small stature.  This Master Class instrument is made of the unusual combination of German Spruce for the top and Figured Koa for the back and sides.  The result is a guitar with a very clear and bell-like sound with abundant overtones and a warm woody vibe.  Visually German spruce tops are creamy white with fine, even grain spacing and noticeable cross silk, glowing and tranquil.  The dynamic Koa Master Class binding package ties the back and sides together with the top wood and chases the lines of the soft cutaway, emphasizing the excellent upper fret access.  Kim Breedlove’s Knots inlay decorates the Ebony fingerboard adding to the special look of this beautiful guitar.

Custom C25 GK Specifications

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