Customer Testimonials

Passport Travel Guitar

I just returned from a 2 and half week mission trip to Uganda with my new Breedlove Passport Travel Guitar as my companion! I just wanted you to know that this guitar is amazing and was a great blessing to me and those I was singing to! The guitar sounds great through a PA system or without amplification. The playability is absolutely fantastic and in fact now I would rather play this guitar than my full size guitar at home! What a great feel to this neck! This guitar is a great traveler and so durable. It was put to the test as people threw their bags on top of it in the overhead bins on the plane, and when putting my stuff on the belt for security at Entebbe the guitar slipped off my shoulder and landed with a loud bang on the steel roller bars below. I cringed and just knew it was broken but to my amazement not a scratch! So what else can I say? I did my research and bought the guitar online hoping it would be good and as it turned out it's great! Thanks for designing and making such a great instrument at an affordable price!

David B.

Solo Series

Those guitars are wonderful and the resonance sells the instrument without the salesman opening his mouth.  Really, really special guitars. . . Thank you all so much for providing such terrific instruments, and in a very classy manner.


Happy American Series Owner in Norway

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the sound of my new guitar.
I’m 58 years and I’ve had a few – Martins, Taylors, and the like..lately my favorite has been a BSG (made in Czech Republic).
Anyway. I was going to buy a good guitar for my son and we went to a well-stocked shop in Oslo. Tried all of their Martins and Taylors, but could not find one with the right sound and feel…so in the end the guy brought a Breedlove…
I couldn’t leave without it.
The balance, the clarity, the sustain, and the torque….I mean the sound just rings out at the slightest touch…and lingers!
And now…in the evenings sometimes, when I play some… wife goes silent…!

Bless the people who made my American Series C20/SM serial nr.: 0251010
Something touched them that day…

Q: can we share this on our website?

A: Of course you may share it on your website..
The most amazing thing with the guitar, besides its beautiful tone and lasting reverb, is the balance and torque..the ease with which it delivers its power, how quickly the top will accelerate, how easily it shifts the air….almost like my V8 Chevrolet – or perhaps even more precise…a quarterhorse stallion. The only other guitar I have experienced that with is my friends 1952 D18, which shouldn’t behave like that, but still does.
Guitars are strange animals. Sometimes it comes together.

Greetings from Norway


Custom D20

My name is Art and I recently ordered a custom D20 Adirondack/Brazilian Breedlove guitar through Wolfe Guitars (the order was placed at the beginning of April). I received my guitar on July 1st.
I had certain expectations with this guitar, mostly because of the price and the reviews I had read about various Breedlove guitars. But when I got my guitar, those expectations were shattered. The first thing I noticed was the ridiculous amount of detail put into the guitar. Everything looks as good as it can possibly look -- the binding and purfling are seamless (and perfect in every way) and the finish is flawless. This thing is like a magnet to the eyes and it's hard to not just sit and pour over the details. Heck, I'm still finding new details that I didn't notice before.
When I got to the point where I could finally stop staring at it and start playing it, I noticed that it has an extremely comfortable neck, doesn't buzz anywhere and has perfect action, and I was amazed at the tone... when I got it, it sounded better than every guitar I had ever played... and after playing it for a while I put new strings on, and the tone improved even moreso. It's extremely balanced, and the bass notes are the richest I've heard.
I have yet to see another guitar with this kind of workmanship and tone. I live in North Dakota, far away (as far as I know or can find) from any Breedlove dealer. So I had to order it with nothing to go by but Internet reviews for various Breedlove guitars, recommendations, and Youtube videos. I had never played or seen a Breedlove guitar in person... I took a huge chance on you guys... especially when you factor in that I saved up for over a year to be able to afford it (you read that right, I'm not rich, I had to save up for a loooong time). Now thanks to the care put into the making of it, I have this insane guitar (maybe a better word for it would be "unreal"). It is quite a feeling to be the owner of a guitar better than any I've seen, and I very much doubt I will ever see its equal.

Please tell the people who built my guitar that I'm extremely thankful they took such care in making it. They made me a die-hard Breedlove fan by doing so. I sadly only know the name of one of the people that made it (Erika told me that Jason from finishing put it to the head of the line to make sure the finishing would get done before he went on vacation, which I'm extremely grateful for). But I just want to make sure that all the people that made my guitar know that I could not be happier with it.
So thank you all for making such a fine guitar!

Breedlove Celtic Classic Perfection Out of the Box

Expectations are rarely ever exceeded, let alone met. I had VERY high expectations of the Breedlove Celtic Classic acoustic guitar the very gracious folks at Breedlove sent to me to use on our upcoming work with the legendary producer, Bob Johnston. First of all, the guitar was in perfect 440 tune coming out of the box, after just spending the night on a UPS plane and truck. That’s unheard of.

The workmanship on this guitar was nothing short of awe-inspiring. It’s practically a museum piece. Then, I began fretting some jazz standards and noodling around some scales. A musician’s primary function is to SOUND GOOD. The tone coming out of the Celtic Classic is a unique combination of muscular and subtle. The neck is very forgiving and playable.

In short, the guitar vastly exceeded my expectations in beauty, tone, and versatility. Breedlove is truly breaking new ground in the building of fine acoustic instruments. This guitar is not just for strumming. It will withstand the rigors of any genre… rock, classical, folk, jazz… and give back exemplary tone. Looking forward to playing this guitar live and in the studio.


Exotic VI

I just got the Exotic VI guitar that I purchased from Imagine Guitars in Florida, yesterday.  He had sent it to you to have the pick-ups installed in it.  I wanted to tell you guys thanks for 
getting right on it and getting it out to me so quickly!  All I can say about the guitar is WOW! It is so beautiful in person and plays like a dream.  The tone, sustain, and balance of it is out of this world! It is truly a Master Class instrument built by the best Luthiers in the world.  The detail and workmanship of it is unreal.  It is the best guitar I have ever played!  I would definitely buy another Breedlove in the future and will be promoting them for you guys here in Montana.  Thank you for being a top notch company that is dedicated to producing the best guitars on the market.  I will be enjoying mine for years to come!




Hello, I recently purchased a C25/SMe and wanted to have a truss rod wrench available if and when I needed it. I called and talked to a very nice lady and asked if I could purchase one. She made arrangements to have one sent to me free of charge.  I couldn't believe it.  I was very surprised and appreciative. It arrived today and I wanted you to know how impressed I am with your customer service. I have owned one of your 12 string models for about 5 years and I love it.  I gravitated towards your C/25 because of that guitar.  I have not been disappointed.  It sounds amazing. So, thank you for building some outstanding instruments and thank you for having such great customer service. I don't know when I will buy my next guitar but it will most definitely be a Breedlove. Have a good day,



Breedlove in Australia

Randomly bought a Breedlove guitar in Australia about a year ago. The wood has settled and the sound has opened up over the past year and is by far the best thing that has ever happened to my ears smile That needed be said. cheers !




I just got a D20/SMe last month, and had a show at a wedding this past weekend.  I have never played a guitar that sounds so great plugged in, in comparison to the price.  It was full, rich, and the resonance and intonation of the guitar was amazing.  At least 10 people commented on the sound of the guitar, never had that happen before with my Martin or Gibson.  Thanks!!!"



Dream Guitar

As far as loving my new Breedlove? Man, it's just exactly what I wanted. So balanced, so beautiful, it's just an all around joy. Can't wait to record with it, but I spend all my free Time just focusing on enjoying playing thanks to Breedlove for making me my dream guitar! Cheers!


C25 WOW!!!

All i can say is wow. I went into the store two weeks ago with my $ and mind and heart set on a different brand and model, but your c25 stood the pepsi challenge against every other guitar i compared it to, some that were much more $$$. Seriously, i sat in the high end room of my local guitar center for 4 hours, TWICE( they were very understanding, and i didnt play "stairway"....) grabbing other customers as they walked in and having them play random g.....s or t.....s or m.....s and switching them back and forth with the c25 comparing tones and action side by side(the other customers were very understanding as well) and, well, it was almost unfair to the other brands. I put the c25 on layaway 2 weeks ago and picked it up this morning. I am sorta speechless. Thank you for creating the nicest acoustic insrument i've ever had the honor to own. I live in Seattle, and look forward to stopping by and checking out your digs the next time i'm in southern Oregon. You guys rock!


In love with the SC20

I bought an SC20 about 5 years ago, and I love it more today than the day I bought it.  There was a masterclass that I loved, but I couldn't justify the cost (or convince my wife!), so I bought the amazing custom and have never looked back (well maybe wistfully remembered that Masterclass on occasion).  As a guitar player, I occasionally stop and play other guitars in stores, and I even played a few Goodalls a few weeks ago, but I come home, pick up my Breedlove and smile.  It's me. I don't want another guitar to do what it does (fingerstyle and worship).  There's magic in that little shop of yours, and part of it is in my house.

With thanks, appreciation and joy,


Dear Old Hippies

As a cynical old hippie, all too aware that we live in a Barnum and Bailey world, I was pleasantly surprised when I received my Breedlove D-25/Cre.

Too often I do not get the quality I pay for, but this purchase exceeded my expectations.  This guitar is built like a battleship, sounds like an orchestra, and plays like butter.  The only change I made was lowering the action a tad to accommodate my light fingerstyle playing.

I can't wait to show it off at my next Texas fingerstyle guitar club meeting.  Thanks for actually providing the quality you advertise!