Hear the Difference

The Master Class Series:

Our original Contemporary Designs, Built with the finest materials available. View all Master Class models.

The Focus Series:

Explore the Beauty Brilliance and Dynamics of these Redwood topped instruments. View all Focus Series models.

The Voice Series:

Sustain. Balance. Clarity. AMPLIFIED! View all Voice Series models.

The American Series:

100% true-red-white-and-blue, built in Bend, Oregon, using quality components. These acoustic-electrics are designed for balanced tone and impressive projection. View all American Series models.

The Oregon Series:

Rich Complex tone from 100% all solid Sustainable Tone woods. View all Oregon Series models.

The Atlas Series:

Featuring signature Breedlove designs and amazing tone at an incredible value, these guitars are engineered and inspected in Bend, Oregon and hand crafted in Korea. View all Atlas Series models.

The Passport Series:

These solid top guitars are designed for value with superior tone and feel. Each guitar is crafted in Korea, then individually set up by one of our luthiers in Bend, Oregon. View all Passport Series models.