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Breedlove Guitars

Brandon Francis

Brandon Francis

Brandon has music and woodworking in his genes. His grandfather was a woodworker, his father was a professional studio musician, and his mother is a pianist and vocalist, and Brandon clearly inherited their skills. A drummer and a skilled craftsman, Brandon hand-selects all woods for Breedlove Master Class instruments and also works in the parts assembly department, executing a variety of tasks with incredible precision: bending, blocking, brace-up and rosette inlay. He particularly enjoys the challenge of bending hard-to-work-with woods, like striped ebony.

Born in Humboldt County, Brandon and his family moved to Bend when he was in high school. Brandon has been fishing and working with wood since the was old enough to hold tools and a fishing rod. He started fly fishing in 2001, which launched his passion for fly tying. He admits he's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to tying flies, much like he is about building guitars. Given his familial woodworking roots, it's no surprise that Brandon has a home shop, where he makes everything from furniture to jewelry. When not fishing or in his shop, he can be found hiking or camping.

Favorite view in Bend: Pilot Butte
Favorite local brewery: 10 Barrel
Obsession in life: Fly fishing and fly tying
Movie you could watch over and over: Step Brothers
Personal motto: Pull heavy
Favorite cause: Trout Unlimited
Favorite scent: Spanish cedar
Musician you'd like to have over for dinner: David Gilmour
Skill that runs in your family: Music

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