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Joel Chaney

Joel Chaney

Joel’s day is spent in the wood stacks organizing all the wood that enters the building.  “I enjoy the work I have been able to learn and do here at Two Old Hippies.  Some of the wood I get to work with I had no idea was even out there.  I am constantly amazed at the craftsmanship that goes on here.”  He started out here sanding ebony bridges and is excited to now be working with all different types of woods.  As Wood Librarian he gets to hand select the top and back woodsets that are seen on Breedlove Masterclass and Exotic lines.

Joel was raised in Central Oregon and spent time in Utah and Arizona before returning to Bend in 2012.  When he’s not at work he likes to chill at home with his girlfriend or go camping and fishing.  “There is so much to do here in Central Oregon.  I’m pretty busy looking for new places to explore.”

Favorite meal in Bend: Sushi
Best live show you’ve seen: Floater  
Movie you’d watch over and over: Rocknrolla 
Favorite wood sonically:  Myrtlewood
Favorite wood visually: Figured East Indian rosewood
Favorite craft beer: Worthy IPA
Dream vacation: Salmon fishing in Alaska.

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