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Hear the Difference

The Breedlove Exotic Series Guitars

There are three signature Breedlove heritage models that exemplify the true prodigy of Breedlove's Distinctively Crafted Sound. Three pioneers of Breedlove innovation, created these iconic instruments. View instrument series.

The Breedlove Masterclass Series Guitars

The Masterclass Series represents our finest individually custom crafted guitars. We have approached each body shape with the opportunity to build the finest playing, feeling, sounding and looking instruments possible, with out regard to expense or time. View instrument series.

The Breedlove Legacy Series Guitars

If there’s one series that explores the concept of Distinctively Crafted Sound from the ground up, it’s the Legacy Series, our aspirational models achieving the pinnacle in design and sound for each body shape. View instrument series.

The Breedlove Premier Series Guitars

Innovation in our designs and craftsmanship are key to Breedlove’s Distinctively Crafted Sound, and with the Premier Series, we take Breedlove innovation to the traditional, time-tested sound of rosewood and mahogany, the go-to woods for bass and midrange response. View instrument series.

The Breedlove Oregon Series Guitars

The one-of-a-kind sound we’ve engineered in the Oregon series is the result of 20 years of experience of working with myrtlewood. Tonally, it's one of our richest, most-acclaimed heritage platforms. View instrument series.

The Breedlove Stage Series Guitars

The Breedlove Studio Series Guitars

Nothing matches the excitement of recording your music, and the Studio Series is specifically designed to be your perfect companion any time you lay down tracks. Its stunning clarity and articulation come from pairing a maple back and sides with a solid Sitka spruce top—a tonewood combination that provides dynamic response and incredible versatility that suits any style of playing and any musical genre.View instrument series.

The Breedlove Solo Series Guitars

The Solo Series is designed to make your playing experience as personal as possible, with a unique Side Monitor Soundhole that virtually puts your ears in the audience while you play. View instrument series.

The Breedlove Pursuit Series Guitars

You’ve done the work to shed the “beginner” label, now it’s on to endeavors like recording, writing, and playing with friends. View instrument series.

The Breedlove Discovery Series Guitars

The Discovery is the ideal first musical partner, an unmistakable Breedlove with Distinctively Crafted Sound and the same Breedlove DNA that’s in every instrument we build. View instrument series.