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GuitarTricks.Com Reviews Breedlove Pursuit Concert Ebony

GuitarTricks.Com Reviews Breedlove Pursuit Concert Ebony

GuitarTricks.Com launched their first issue of Guitar Tricks Insider magazine.  Breedlove was pleased to have the Pursuit Concert Ebony reviewed in the inaugural publication.

Review by Dave Celentano

Full review can be read here.

Breedlove hit a home run with their Pursuit Concert Ebony model acoustic guitar, which won a well-deserved "Best of NAMM" award in 2014.  Listed as a "gotta stock" for music instrument retailers, the Pursuit Concert Ebony is an affordable priced acoustic guitar that has the look and feel of more expensive models and brands, but at a fraction of the price.

The Pursuit Concert Ebony is their best selling body style to date, and was designed after the original Breedlove body shape, which debuted in 1992. And understandably so: It’s a well-balanced and compact acoustic guitar. Fingerstylists or vocalists looking for an accompanying guitar will find the body shape comfortable – whether sitting or standing wearing a strap.


A big part of the guitar’s warmth and charm is the wood architecture: a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, striped ebony on the back and sides (which looks spectacular), and a solid Engelmann spruce top that’s a bit stiff-sounding at first, but like a fine wine, gets better with age. Usually reserved for more expensive guitars, the spruce top has a crisp tone, projects sound louder than other woods, and sounds beautiful using either finger-style technique or digging in with strumming. Breedlove  used their Bridge Truss system for the top, which is a unique design that reduces tension on the soundboard and allows the top to vibrate more naturally. This architecture minimizes string tension from the bridge, thus eliminating the “bridge belly” that is common on other brands’ acoustics, which provides top dependability for many years. And speaking of bridges, the Pursuit Concert features a pinless bridge that negates the need to drill six holes, which compromises the integrity and tone of the top. Plus this feature makes changing strings quicker, easier, and does away with fussy bridge pins! Nowadays, most acoustic players need some amplification to be heard over conversations and background noise at coffee shops, restaurants, and other gigging venues. The Pursuit Concert Ebony model fulfills that need with a Fishman ISYS+ system and installed pickup that includes low-profile controls for volume, bass, treble, phase, and tuner. The pickup is powered by a 9-volt battery and includes a low-battery indicator. The output is a .” jack to run through an amp or PA, and a USB port for integration with recording software on Macs and PCs.


This guitar produces a rich-sounding, articulate, and defined tone with low end that doesn’t get muddy, plus has remarkable sustain. I was particularly impressed with the neck, which has a semigloss finish. It also felt immediately friendly and comfortable to play, even for small hands. The single cutaway provided easy access to the upper areas of the fretboard. The neck and cutaway designs are both welcome features for electric players looking for an acoustic addition to their arsenal. Compared to other acoustic guitars, the Pursuit Concert Ebony was easy to play and responded well to a light touch.

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