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Founder and Guitarist for the Rock Band Angelshade, Brad Hanna, is a Lead Guitarist, songwriter and backup vocalist for his current project.

As leader of Angelshade Brad has been instrumental in establishing the sound of the band and establishing the Angelshade brand.

Bradley Taylor Hanna was Born August 18, 1970 in Boynton Beach Florida, Moving to Southern California in late 1987. This was the beginning of his musical journey.

Brad’s guitar playing took off when living in a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Here he met John Heirendt, original member of Incubus, prior to stardom. Small jam and recording sessions with John, put Brad on the path to becoming a passionate musician. This began Brad’s journey to establish a playing style and passion for rock and all other types of music.

In 2005 Brad joined San Diego Band, Ten Foot Tongue, and began to assist in arranging and producing songs for the band as well as performing live. At this time, he also began writing lyrics for some of the songs that are now part of the Angelshade playlist.

In 2009 Brad decided to establish his own band and sound with what is now Angelshade. Angelshade released “The New American Dream” single in 2016 which resonated with fans of all ages that could relate to struggles of dealing with  today’s world and economic strife.

Recently signed with Rock Avenue Records USA in 2019, Angelshade is to release its debut album “Conspiracy” in the beginning of 2020, under the R.A.R. label. This is the fruits of hard work and passion for the music that Brad and members of Angelshade create.