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The Midatlantic

The Midatlantic

A band of musicians on the high seas...

The Midatlantic is a crew of eclectic musicians hailing from the Cape Fear coast of North Carolina.

The Midatlantic rocks out their own style of progressive folk rock songs that transcend a variety of traditional Americana, Folk, & Bluegrass, with a hint of punk rock and jazz.  The ship is captained by Jason Andre, a long time solo singer/songwriter, surf adventure world traveler, and supporter of social & eco-minded organizations whose passion for world folk music, exotic acoustic instruments, and the ocean has led to a melting pot of influences which carry into his songwriting and mandolin melodies with the Midatlantic.  Fellow adventurer, Steve Schroeder hails from a family of musicians.  He is an avid waterman and weaves warm harmonies with strong strumming on the acoustic guitar together to pair perfectly with Jason.  Ben Sciance is a fellow waterman, environmental educator and multitalented musician who helps compose and add incredible structure to The Midatlantic's melodies and then adds the rhythm with his jazz drumming background.  A child of the 80's, Jesse Bond is a professional graphic designer who has a massive collection of keyboards, experimental hand made cellotars he puts together, and more specifically, keytars, which he utilizes to add many layers to The Midatlantic's compositions.  Allan Upham, a traditional surf guitar and bass player has added the upright bass, whom they lovingly refer to as "Georgia", to fill in the low end of The Midatlantic's foundation.  Their newest and youngest member Will Maxwell rounds out their sound as a classically trained violinist with a background in EDM.  With his great grandfather's violin, Will provides a much welcomed 3rd harmony and an electric energy to The Midatlantic.

Setting sail with a crew of talented multi-instrumentalists, The Midatlantic is an exciting and refreshing brand of Folk Rock that often surprise and delight audiences, leaving them wanting more.  They are currently nominees for the 2015 Carolina Music Awards in the American/Bluegrass category.  They have begun working on a new full-length album with high hopes and lofty goals for the coming year.

"Finding the right instrument is like finding the right partner in life.  You try to make it work with so many different styles, colors, shapes, sizes and sounds.  But in the end, when you find the right one, you know it was meant to be.  That was the feeling of playing my first Breedlove Mandolin.  I picked up dozens of mandolins hand crafted by luthiers along the entire eastern seaboard.  I tried all the big brand name models up and down the price ranges, but finding my Quartz KO blonde beauty was pretty magical.  I couldn't put it down and I get more compliments on it after shows than any other instrumnet I've ever owned.  Breedlove's really do breed's not ust a clever name!" - Jason Andre

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