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Adam “Ticoman” Hernandez

Adam “Ticoman” Hernandez

Adam "Ticoman" Hernandez is a guitarist/songwriter out of Nashville, TN. Originally from Tulsa, OK and being half Costa Rican, Tico grew up with a diverse musical influences from country, rock, Latin, blues, and more. 

Since moving to Nashville, Tico has toured extensively with artists such as: Jaci Velasquez, Nicole C. Mullen, The Farm, The Jane Dear Girls, Pillar, Group 1 Crew, and more. 

He is currently band leader and guitarist for Lauren Alaina. They touring promoting her upcoming  second album, "Crashing The Boys Club" on Mercury Nashville. 

Live or in the studio, Tico uses his Breedlove Premier Auditorium Mahogany Acoustic. 

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