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Alejo Leon

Alejo Leon

Alejo Leon was born on December 16th, 1999; in Lujan Buenos Aires. When he was twelve years old, he learnt to play the guitar by a self-taught method. That situation drew the attention of the well known musician Gabriel Soule who offered to teach him for free. Soule was impressed by his ability in listening comprehension.

At the age of thirteen, he began to attend to all kind of concerts, for instance tango, flamenco, rock, metal, even classical music; in all of them the guitar was the main instrument. Doing that, he met Claudio Marciello, his guitar idol. Marciello is considered one of the best guitar performers in Argentina. After listening to Alejo interpreting his songs, Marciello invited him to play in a concert. When Alejo was fourteen years old, he started what would be considered his first instrumental album which was composed by eleven of his own songs and one adapted from piano to guitar. The first time he visited a studio was in 2015 when he recorded his acoustic album.

The surprise came at the beginning of 2016, after a telephone call where Ricardo Iorio, the most known metal musician in Argentina, invited him to participate in his new project as first guitarist. He officially debuted on August 10th that year being sixteen years old. The following two years Iorio and his band recorded the expected double album in which Alejo not only played the guitar but also did he make the guitar arrangements.

Nowadays Iorio´s crowded shows and festivals take place throughout the country. These concerts are characterized by having an intimate moment where Alejo interprets his acoustic solo section. There he performs from the most subtle tango to the most furious metal, enjoying it with his enthusiastic audience. He does it with his favourite guitar the Breedlove Discovery Concert.

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