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Anthony “Train” Caruso

Anthony “Train” Caruso

Originally from the Audubon Pa. and now living in Florida, Train’s involvement in the music business goes back decades.  In the 1990s, He produced demos at Ronnie Milsap ‘s Studio, Managed and Produced Country Artists from Louisiana, as well as being a rock artist himself, where he recorded at the famous Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia.  He has been a publisher under Train Caruso Publishing and WHOA World Music Publishing  for many years, where he had a song on a hit TV show (Shameless), and another in a major corporate commercial (Chevy Equinox). In addition, he wrote, published and produced four number 2s in Europe and two number 1s in Austrailia and Europe.

Train was also CEO of LITO Records, an indie label with international distribution, where he released and sold over 40,000 CDs with 5 artists in 5 different genre’s Rock, Pop, Death Metal, Rap and Country.  Also he orchestrated a 300 in store promo tour with KMART. He has over 50 commercially released songs as a writer, publisher, and/or as producer.

He is now dedicating the bulk of his time to adding to his current personal song catalogue, writing in person and via Facetime with a number of writers and artists in Nashville and elsewhere as well. In the past year, Train has been spending a considerable amount of time in a special co-writing collaboration with Bonnie Warren, whom he has been musical friends with for over 15 years. Their joint projects, and other ventures that  they’re involved with together, can be found under DO THE WRITE THING SONGS on the Dan Hodges Music site.  Train comes to Nashville for about a week every month, and welcomes other writers to reach out to him.

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