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Ben Lacy

Ben Lacy

Thousands of awestruck conventioneers have watched him move effortlessly from Led Stevie Van Morrison, not just playing the guitar parts...playing all the parts, at the same time. Snapping and slapping nasty bass grooves, stabbing inspired chord voicings, thumping staccato drumbeats and playing sassy solo lines...all simultaneously. But this isn’t just a circus trick. It’s pure inspiration crafted with superhuman precision and Mojo to burn.

Downbeat, one of the world's foremost jazz magazines for over half a century, called Lacy “a true multitasking machine.” The review in the March 2003 issue went on: “To mere mortals it might seem that there’s a twosome going at it. Lacy’s impressive technique is built upon complex slapping, hammer-ons, and rhythmically devised chord progressions.”

Modulus said, “This soft-spoken musician is possibly the most exciting thing to happen to guitar playing that we’ve heard in the last ten years.”

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