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Bonnie Warren

Bonnie Warren

Bonnie is a busy and seasoned songwriter with Dan Hodges Music, on Music Row in Nashville, TN. She splits her time between Nashville and Philadelphia, writing and working with talent in both areas. She writes both lyrics and music, in multiple genres – Contemporary Country, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Christian, Gospel, R&B. Her instrument of choice is her Breedlove Guitar (Retro OM/ER 09053648), although she also writes on piano.

Bonnie spends her days cowriting, recording demos, pitching songs, networking, attending musical events, and also supporting her friends at their shows.

Bonnie as had a number of co-written cuts with different indie artists, and songs licensed to cable tv, as well as a song in an indie film starring Jennifer Tilly. She has many single song publishing deals.

Her songs have placed well in various song competitions, including winning the GRAND PRIZE in the 2016 Pensacola Beach Songwriting Festival Song Contest. She was also a “Featured Performer” at that Festival in 2017, as well as a Panelist and Performer at the All Music Fest in Pennsylvania for 3 years in a row.  She was also nominated as the TSAI Female Songwriter Of The Year in 2016 and 2017.

In addition to songwriting, Bonnie has worn a number of different hats in the music industry over the years. She has booked a venue; organized showcases and educational events for the music community; written music feature articles for an arts magazine, co-managed a band, and more.

In the past year, Bonnie has been spending considerable time in a special cowriting collaboration with Train Caruso, whom she has been music friends with for over 15 years. Their joint projects (as well as their individual projects) can be found under DO THE WRITE THINGS SONGS on the Dan Hodges Music website.

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