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Brandon Parr

Brandon Parr is a multi-faceted artist.  He is a singer-songwriter as well as a custom guitar maker.  Residing in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, Brandon spends half a given year writing and recording original music and half designing and building instruments.

He began songwriting in 1997 while in college, then took his professional career to another level by studying classical guitar in order to improve fingerstyle technique.  In 2004, Brandon shadowed luthiers in the attempt to both learn the craft as well as to understand what makes a well-made guitar sound so good.  He discovered Breedlove by way of another artist and friend and immediately was taken with the ergonomic comfort, genius design and unequaled sound quality.

Brandon performs throughout the Hampton Roads area and is a regular guest on the WHRV public radio show Acoustic Highway.  He has released eleven albums of original music, most recently Songs from the Wild.

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