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The Brewer Boys

The Brewer Boys

The Brewer Boys are Justin (18) and Nathan (14), a brother's duo who sing a range of songs from new country to pop classics to classic rock and even bluegrass. Inspired early on by artists like The Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and more recently Mumford and Sons, The Brewer Boys' music has evolved in a direction all its own. Nathan and Justin offer a fresh perspective on a variety of genres, old and new, interpreting them to create a distinctive sound the boys aptly dubbed "Alternative Bluegrass" or "Newgrass."

Born and raised in Temecula, California, these boys started performing at a very young age. There were a regular sight at school plays and community events and the duo took off after they auditioned for a national singing competition "Can You Duet" in Nashville, TN in 2008.  They got through the third round and this opened great opportunities for them. In July 2008, they recorded their first professional duo CD of four original songs at the historic Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, TN with John Carter-Cash co-producing their music. The Brewer Boys are also very active in supporting local charities and organizations in the area as well as community-sponsored fundraising and benefit show.

One of the duo's biggest achievements so far was their involvement with the first season of The X-Factof US (2011) where they moved up to the top 17 under the group category and thus made it to the 1st live show. The experience, lessons learned, and exposure that this show gave them created a platform for the boys to be seen and heard by millions of people all over the world. After the show, the boys got back to their music, sold out a local benefit concert a month later, and produced and released a CD (Rising) which is a compilation of handpicked songs that aim to showcase their unique style.


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