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Chad Perez

Chad Perez was born in College Station Texas. Born into a family of musicians, Chad took to what came to him naturally……. music. With his brother Samuel Perez, they took to pursing their dream of becoming full time musicians for God. Joining many competitions such as fine arts under Assembly of God placing 3rd in America with a three-piece band. On Chads 14TH Birthday he was given his first Breedlove guitar and fell in love with the brand instantaneously. The Breedlove ac25sr plus served as the work horse for six years helping release one ep Home Away from Home. Soon after playing a multitude of venues and part of various churches, God opened the door to New Hope Church where he became a worship leader. New Hope Church currently is home to over 9,000 people in the Houston area with a total of four campuses.

Chads Breedlove collection consists of:
Breedlove ac25sr plus
Breedlove Focus SD20
Breedlove Journey Concert ltd Brazilian Rosewood
Breedlove American Series DSREH

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