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Chris Van Duyn

Chris Van Duyn

Chris Van Duyn is a musician who just can’t sit still playing only one style or genre but it’s rock and jazz/fusion that remain at the center of his passion.  With his project ‘Thief in the Night’ they released both a rock album, ‘Under The Influence’ as well as an acoustic EP, ‘The Akoustic Set’ in 2012.  Both reflect the depth of Chris’ playing with heavy electric guitar riffs and soulful acoustic performances.

‘The Akoustic Set’ is a stripped down, organic mix (all recorded on Chris’ Breedlove guitars) that highlights vocalist Johnny Rossa’s deep soulful vocal and Van Duyn's acoustic guitar work.  It features the classic Led Zeppelin song 'Kashmir' in a unique arrangement that stands on its own; Rossa’s song 'Home Again” and an acoustic instrumental piece to close out the set with 'Etude for Chelsea.'

'Under The Influence' is the band's first album and features heavy driven riffs, well honed melodies against a massive sounding rhythm section with some occasional well placed interesting odd/mixed meters creating a distinct sound that will inevitably draw you in with a powerful allure.  With Van Duyn's heavy guitar riffs driving the songs, the powerful vocals of Johnny Rossa takes the songs to a whole other level and cement the power of the fresh sound created out of the classic guitar, bass, drums rock band. With comparisons to more contemporary bands such as Soundgarden, Alter Bridge and Creed, they are clearly rooted in the classics of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath (with a little Rush thrown in). The sound is never trendy but is clearly ROCK from beginning to end hiting you with a lot of energy.  With the priceless support of world-class musicians Rafael Moreira producing (and playing bass) and Randy Cooke on drums the project is a true powerhouse.

In 2010, while a member of the rock band ‘Nu Savant’ they were fortunate to have their song ‘So Tired’ picked up for the Sony Television produced, Glenn Close show ‘Damages.’

Additionally Van Duyn has also had the pleasure of performing with some great artists including Dilana (Rockstar: Supernova); Jeff Vincent; Joey Everett; New Visions Band; Living Sacrifice to name a few.

Chris was born and raised in the heartland of the mid-west in Iowa City, Iowa.  The only one of his 3 other siblings to pursue music, he recalls first being influenced by his older brother’s favorite bands, such as The Beatles and Chicago and started out in his early years playing his sister’s clarinet.  However, it was the influence of the rock band KISS at a young age that convinced him he had to play guitar.  His musical palate quickly grew and expanded to rock styles as diverse as The Police, Rush, Queen, Van Halen, Toto and Journey.  Finding that whatever he listened to quickly influenced his playing and he found himself studying music in college where Jazz began to drive him into new directions.  One of his biggest influences to this day, Pat Metheny opened his ears to more jazz and fusion.  Besides performing and competing in Jazz Ensembles, Chris began touring the mid-west in a R&B/Funk band, expanding the landscape of music by covering artists such as Earth Wind & Fire and Tower of Power.   While touring in two bands Chris won awards for improvisation one of which including the Kansas City Jazz Festival and it became clear that expanding beyond the mid-west was well worth doing. 

Attending G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology) at Hollywood’s Musician's Institute put Chris in a place of high influence studying under world class musician’s such as Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Paul Gilbert and many other’s to officially push him to reach deeper than ever.  After graduating he was honored to teach as a guitar counselor for a brief stint while playing in various bands around Los Angeles.  Around that time Chris got to work with and study under some top name studio musicians and personal hero’s of his including Dan Huff (White Heart, Giant) and Jamie Glaser (Bryan Adams, Jean-Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, Manhattan Transfer). 

Besides his recent work and performing in various bands, for the last decade or more Chris has been very active in playing Gospel & Contemporary Christian music performing in venues in Nashville, New York, Pennsylvania and California as well as playing and leading worship music in both large and small churches.  “Giving back to the One who created me and put these gifts and talents in my heart and soul is the very least I can do” says Chris. 
“I wouldn’t be anything without God and the amazing wife, family and friends He has surrounded me with”.

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