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Christian Burghardt

Christian Burghardt

Every once in a while, you'll hear a voice that makes you sit up and take a closer listen.

It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it's utterly magical. Christian Burghardt has got one of those voices……and he writes the same standard of songs to go with that amazing voice. The 24 year old Portland, Oregon singer and songwriter pens soulful pop with the right amount of depth and energy.

He’s as handsome as he is charismatic, and the songs on his forthcoming debut album remain both infectious and inviting. But then again, all great music is …………..

He describes his style best, "It's genuine and continually changing. So many different styles of music inspire me, and I'm always seeking out new influences. At the same time, my lyrics will always be honest and consistent with who I am as a person."

Being local to Portland, OR and growing up there, Christian has always been a fan of Breedlove Guitars, in fact when Christian was sixteen he worked hard and proudly purchased his first Breedlove acoustic.

Dr. Luke, the world famous songwriter and producer has now formed his own record label, Kemosabe Records (RCA/SONY). In the summer of 2012, Luke heard Christian play just four of his songs for him, and the very next morning, Dr. Luke signed Christian to a worldwide record deal.

Ultimately, Christian Burghardt is all heart, and that's why the world is going to fall in love with him. "I want people to be able to latch on to my songs and the feelings they evoke.”

There's no doubt that they will as soon as they hear him ………..and they will all be saying his name for a long time to come.

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