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Daron Macke - Wedding Day Rain

Daron Macke - Wedding Day Rain

Daron and Kelsey Macke have been making music together for over a decade.  Individually, they have experience performing for crowds of thousands and on national TV broadcasts, but together, they're at the beginning of their journey.

The pair married in 2005, and resisted the call of a musical union for a while, each continuing to work on their own projects. Creative collaboration requires conflict-fighting for the perfect line, exact melody, or specific mood-and inviting that tension into a relationship can be dangerous business. 

In 2011, the music was tired of waiting, and songs began to form, whether they liked it or not. After several discussions about the separate identities of spouse vs. bandmate, Wedding Day Rain was official. To keep things simple, an EP of Christmas standards was released to test the waters.

In 2013, Kelsey's first novel, DAMSEL DISTRESSED, sold, and the band was presented with the opportunity to write and record a record of original songs inspired by the book. That album, their full-length debut, is IMOGEN UNLOCKED, and it will be released alongside the book in October 2014. 

Their musical style is a mix of soaring harmonies, catchy choruses, and lyrics that linger. Guitar based instrumentation in a classic singer-songwriter style and modern vocals accentuate their singable folky pop songs.

"I discovered Breedlove Guitars almost by accident.  I was looking for a back up guitar for a trusty acoustic that I had been recording with.  I saw a Stage Atlas on sale, read several reviews, and decided to buy it without having played or heard it...something just told me to take a chance on it. When it arrived, I was surprised how much better it sounded than my current guitar. It played so smoothly that even the lightest touch produced amazing tone. I decided to record some acoustic guitar parts with it and was so happy with the way it sounded in the room and plugged in.  I was sold!  My DT-25 is now my main acoustic guitar.  I use it for recording, live performance, and songwriting.  I couldn't be more excited about finding Breedlove Guitars and being accepted into the Breedlove Artist Family!"

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