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Devon Meyers

Devon Meyers

Hailing from the Southwest shores of Florida, Devon Meyers is a timeless soul paving his way to a long and meaningful musical career. “I love living here; I’m surprised it’s not on the map yet, with Hawaii and all of the other well-known tropical paradises”, he says laughing, as he takes a sip of the colorful organic juice he is drinking. 

Although hard at work on his second full length album, music hasn’t always been a prominent part of Devon’s life. He wasn’t introduced to the guitar until he moved away to college. One of his roommates played guitar, and once Devon picked it up, he literally never put it down. “It quickly took over my life”; “I spent the money I had saved for the next months’ rent on purchasing a guitar of my own”, he says laughing. “It was just something I felt that I spiritually needed to do”. “The more I played, the more I began to find myself as an artist; and it quickly evolved into finding the message I wanted to send out with my songwriting.” 

Independently releasing his music, Devon has garnered a worldwide fan base with fans from the Philippines, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil and England.  His devotion towards love and life can be seen throughout all of his music. With his distinctive voice and universal messages of love and unity, it’s easy to see why people relate so well to Devon Meyers’ music.  From relaxing songs that take you to serene places, to fun hip-hop influenced songs that instantly have you grooving, Devon has the ability to make you stop what you are doing, and listen.

"From the moment I strummed my first chord, I knew Breedlove was for me.  The richness and depth of sound and tone, is second to none." - Devon 

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