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Jake Dexter

Jake Dexter

At a young age, Jake was blessed to grow up in a home filled with music. He started out as a percussionist and at the age of 15 he got an opportunity to do his first professional tracking with a local band and Producer Steve Browne from Big Time Audio. This ignited his love for music and shortly after he started gigging weekly with local bands playing between 2-4 shows every week.

For the next couple of years Jake picked up numerous instruments including the guitar, bass, organ, piano, accordion, and mandolin. From the ages of 19 - 23 (his current age) Jake spent months touring part-time and full-time as a keyboardist for different Local and Nationally known bands. Over the past couple of years Jake has played hundreds of shows all over the United States and has even had the opportunity to tour France and parts of Europe.

During these years of touring Jake has written and composed 5 albums with other groups, along with producing a number of records through his own production company. Jake now does all his own recording, producing, editing, and engineering with mixing/mastering help from producer Bryan David and Bennie Love. In his free time Jake does what ever he can to help out local artists get up off their feet.

Through hard work and dedication Jake has made a name for himself in the industry as a professional pianist and has had the opportunity to play with bands opening for artists Chris Young, Matt White, SleeperStar, Randy Rogers, Josh Abbott, Chiddy Bang, Jillian Edwards, Roger Creager, The Secret Handshake, Jack Ingram, Kevin Fowler, Chris Rice, Fiction Plane, Aaron Watson, Mike Studd, and Bart Crow, along with many others.

Through years of experience playing, writing, and composing, Jake has found his own unique style by using his skills as a keyboardist to mix spoken word poetry with hip hop.

Now, in full action Jake gets ready to release his Debut Album "Clockwork" in March 2014. Teaming up with local writers Adam House and Bennie Love, Jake takes his band of gifted musicians to the stage, putting on a high-energy unforgettable performance every show.

This is my life, and I gave it everything I have. There is no going back now. Without these keys, I am nothing but a broken dream". said Jake. With the heart and soul that Jake and his group possess, it seems like nothing will stop them from making 2014 a year to remember.

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