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Jamie Weston | Southern Sky

Jamie Weston | Southern Sky

Southern Sky is result of  2nd and 3rd generation musicians, Scott Pearson and Jamie Weston coming together to create something more than what they heard on the radio. They took Traditional Country, mixed it in with a little Red Dirt Texas Country, and a bit of New Age Country to create what you hear them play now. Accompanied by Alex Remoue, on Lead Guitarist, and George Lohr on Bass; they are making headway. They are looking ahead and have no intentions of slowing down any time soon. "The road is a crazy adventure, but when that first chord rings, and the crowd starts dancing and singin along to every word you're singing; it's an unmatched adrenaline rush", says Jamie Weston, Lead singer, and Rhythm Guitar player for Southern Sky. He is the 3rd generation musician, and youngest member of the band. "At 22, being the front man for an incredible talented group of guys that trust you to lead the way is a lot of pressure, but its something I couldn't give up. I can't stay away from my guitar or a stage haha."

 His Uncle, Scott Pearson is the Drummer, and Son of the acclaimed Roger Pearson of Roger Pearson and the Southern Comforts. A band that played the texas music scene for 45 years before retiring. "My Dad tought me hard work, and persevearance. And helped me to cut my teeth in the business so to speak. I owe my love of music, and life to him."says Scott. 

Alex Remoue was the missing ingredient to their hopes. Hailing from both France, and Peru, he is extremely well versed in culture. He has played in the Peruvian Pop band "Adammo". Opening up for such acts like The Backstreet Boys, and Beyonce. "He's got that spark man, and a style that's unmatched. He brings his own flare to the table and has really molded our sound to what it is", says Jamie when asked about Alex. 

George Lohr was the final piece of the puzzle that completed the 4 piece band. He is skilled in multiple instruments, including harmonica, rhythm guitar, and upright as well as electric bass. "He brings the stage show to the next level. He's steady, has a great tone and tons of flare." says Scott when speaking of George. 

Together this group has an album coming out Summer of 2014, self-titled "Southern Sky."

Whether its on a stage or in a living room; for 3 or 30,000 people they're going to give it their all. 

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