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Jer Gregg

Jer Gregg

He might call Nashville home, but no one would would walk away from watching Jer Gregg play and think they had been to a honky tonk show. Jer’s love of rock, soul, folk and blues is the platform for his New Americana singer/songwriter sound. 

Playing from the heart of his Midwest roots, Jer Gregg delivers a vibe heavily influenced by singer/songwriters, a la Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. He also takes his cues from his home state of Indiana, where John Mellencamp is legend. Add in the drive of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and the Black Crowes, you’ve got a guy who knows how to make good writing - hit hard. 

His drive to write a song is only rivaled by his ability to deliver it. With rock all over the vocals, and the way he weaves in southern soul and the melodic, emotional delivery of Jeff Buckley is a big part of what defines his music. Jer Gregg is a story-teller. Like Petty and Dylan who came before and Ryan Bingham and Gavin DeGraw who are doing it now, Jer is telling his tales through rock music. He smartly surrounds himself with players who can keep up with him and have first-class playing credits in their own right. Dual guitars, Hammond B3, blues harp and thick drum grooves are the vehicle that drives the story telling. He’s a player. You’ll see a guitar and harmonica strapped to him while he sings and delivers something you can't deny to feel.

He’s no stranger to rock culture and has played in historic venues like the Vogue Theater in Indianapolis, the Exit/in and the Rutledge in Nashville and King William IV in London, the legendary Troubadour in Earl's Court. As well as the Winton Outback Festival in Winton, Australia.

Jer Gregg released his first self-titled EP in January of 2010. It’s a record that has served him well as a spring board for his career. In July of 2012, he released a raw acoustic album titled "OTIS". Recording in his living room with fellow band mate, Ryan Scarbrough. The record , independently, reached 22 on the singer/songwriter charts. Various other Jer Gregg songs can be found online at 

From the first chord to the final “goodnight”, Jer Gregg gives everything he’s got when it’s time to play. He never wants to feel like he could have done more. When he leaves the stage, he wants everyone to have gotten their money’s worth. Jer Gregg will not be satisfied until everyone feels something.

Heartland rock 'n roll. Americana 

For nine years my Breedlove AC250CR has been my go to guitar for songwriting, live performances, and even used in the studio to record the album OTIS. There's something like magic inside a Breedlove guitar, maybe it's because they're built with love. I'm completely a fan and will continue to be for a very long time!


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