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Jon Micah Sumrall

Jon Micah Sumrall

In Ashland, OR on October 13, 1980 I took my first breath, the first of many more to come. Since that day I have been going full tilt in an attempt to live life to the fullest and in doing so, having the privilege of experiencing more in 25 years than many people do throughout an entire lifetime.

My band mates may describe me as an adrenaline junkie and while there is a part of me to which that rings true, I also find great enjoyment in quietness and many of the simple things that surround us on a daily basis. I have always enjoyed the sounds of nature (particularly in the Pacific Northwest) but our life on the road has caused me to increasingly value the sounds of nature such as a cascading waterfall, or the sound the wind rustling the trees, and even the sound of silence itself. It is ironic that many of these experiences mesh together with my adrenaline fueled hobbies to create what I find to be rest and relaxation.

One of the quietest places I have found is on "the mountain" skiing and snowboarding. Bomb off a cornice into a series of huge jump turns, down a double-black diamond immediately followed by careful turns through the powder coated trees still heavy with a recent snowfall. It is about at this moment that I cut hard and come to a sudden stop. Then, I listen... absolutely nothing. I believe that this has to be one of the most quiet and peaceful places on the planet. The dense snow absorbs any sound and for a few brief minutes the sound of total silence envelopes me. Then, it’s back to the hooting and hollering of adrenaline filled turns in knee-deep powder. Ahhhhhh. What a great day! Continue Reading Jon's full bio here.

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