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Jonathon Waterman

Jonathon Waterman

 Jonathon Waterman is a Nashville based, contemporary recording artist. Waterman has spent the majority of his music career focusing on the ins and outs of writing and performing Christian music. This call eventually took him to the epicentre of music, Nashville. After his move to Nashville, the singer/songwriter released a sequence of EP’s, each showcasing his unique take on Christian music.

Following his final EP, Waterman has since taken time to reflect upon his personal musical journey, keeping the hope of releasing new music soon alive and well. Whether it is through his music or through his outreach, Waterman hopes to be a positive role model in the lives of anyone who listens to his music or interacts with him. This is message that is visual within his social media outreach, and general interactions with any of his fans. . “Writing and performing CCM music has an immense affect on my life and my worship. When I write, I pull from personal experiences and my individual walk with the Lord, and when I perform it's a unique kind of worship opening a pathway straight to God where I can express what's on my heart. I want to write music that people can relate to, grab a hold of, and know that whatever their circumstance, there's a loving and faithful God who is wanting a relationship with them.” – Jonathon Waterman.

As Jonathon continues to push forward into new dimensions, it is only appropriate to believe that he will see new successes in the upcoming future. Be sure to check out Jonathon’s new website and be looking for his new music soon.


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