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Jordan Baird

Jordan Baird

Jordan Baird is a 23 year old singer/songwriter, model, and actor from Northern Virginia. He has been around music his entire life and started singing and playing guitar when he was 5 years old. Jordan was a contestant on CW's 'The Next' in the Fall of 2012 and placed 2nd in the competition. He was mentored by Joe Jonas during that time, which led to a relationship with The Jonas Brothers and The Jonas Group. In the summer of 2013, Jordan opened for the Jonas Brothers tour with Mike Tompkins and Karmin. Then in the Fall of 2013 moved to LA and signed with Jonas Group Management.

Jordan is currently in and out of the studio and writing sessions, working on his first solo project, all the while playing weekly shows. He is focused on two things when it comes to his music and he says it like this:

"Music is my passion. All I want to do is make music that I am proud of and then share that music with people. I have been blessed with the opportunity to do a lot of cool things, but what I want most is to make a difference in people's lives through what I put out. Music cuts straight to people's core and I know that the music I make will do that. It's gonna be different - I am soul/pop artist who loves to throw in some Prince and MJ. What I have to offer is unique and I want to get it out in the world."

In addition to Jordan's music career and touring with the Jonas Brothers, he has accomplished some other notable achievements. He toured with the National Philharmonic Orchestra in 2010, advanced to the live rounds of 'X-Factor' in 2010, walked on to a D1 basketball program at George Mason University (where he majored in music) in 2011, and is also a model. He is signed with Modelogic Wilhelmina on the East Coast for modeling and acting and has been with them for 2.5 years.

Jordan purchased his first Breedlove in 2013, prior to touring with The Jonas Brothers. Jordan is a believer of Breedlove, and in his own words:

"I have played a lot of guitars in a lot of places. I wanted to pick up a new guitar for the tour in 2013, so I went into my local Guitar Center and played everything that I could get my hands on. Right when I picked up the Breedlove and strummed it - I knew it was what I wanted. I bought the Atlas Series Solo C350 and haven't looked back since. It has an incredible sound to it that pairs so perfectly with my voice when doing my solo stuff, but is just as great when I'm playing it with a full band. I haven't been this happy about a guitar purchase in a long time. I believe in Breedlove's products and I would recommend their guitars to anyone. This guitar is the sole reason I am excited to start this relationship with Breedlove Guitars."

Be on the lookout for Jordan and his music. This guy is the real deal.

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