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Justin Cohen

Justin Cohen

Justin Cohen was born in Burbank, California and moved to the Granite State in 1996. Justin's family has strong ties to music, his mother a well known pianist from South Africa and his father involving himself with Justin’s various bands and musical endeavors throughout his childhood.

Growing up he ate, slept and breathed music, and that passion has only strengthened over the years. As a child/ young adult Justin taught himself how to play drums, guitar and piano with obvious help from his mother and his idol Dave Dicenso (Josh Groban’s drummer).  As a teenager he was a singer and/or musician in many bands incorporating many different genres of music. 

After high school he attended Plymouth State University’s music program for 2 years and then moved on to the well renowned Berklee College of Music studying Drumset Performance. Here his musical career really started off.  He started recording and writing music in between classes and eventually made it onto the Hip-Hop/Advanced Jazz Comp/Song Writing Ensembles. Justin loves all facets of creating and performing music that his audience can relate to and enjoy.  Since his Berklee attendance, he has written and recorded three Hip Hop mix tapes and two Acoustic EP’s.  

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