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Justin Cross

Justin Cross

From a religion forbidding a career in entertainment to following his dreams as a musician, singer/songwriter/composer Justin Cross knows what's it's like to travel a difficult road. Justin's EPs have received national airplay throughout the U.S. He’s headlined music festivals and performed packed venues from Boston to Los Angeles. Justin’s music comes from the soul, a soul that has loved, lost and lived. His latest EP, 2017's Fiction of the Mind, builds on these themes, including questioning all your beliefs and ultimately following your truth.

The New EP: Fiction of the Mind

LOS ANGELES, (June 1, 2017) — Singer/songwriter Justin Cross released his latest three-song EP, Fiction of the Mind, and the title track is available now. Fiction of the Mind offers a fresh indie pop/rock sound with complex, multilayered lyrics.
Cross' fundamentalist religious upbringing discouraged a career in music. Cross initially chose his religion, but in the end, he needed to follow his heart, which led him straight to music. This decision cost him everything he knew — family, friends and community — and he started over with nothing. Now in Los Angeles, Fiction of the Mind represents the first step toward the career Cross always dreamed about.
Cross' backstory can be heard on "Holy Killers," where his bass vocals punctuate his doubts and the realities of growing up in a fundamentalist religion, which builds to an indicting chorus that will give you chills. Meanwhile, "Fiction of the Mind" finds Cross asking himself if his drive and confidence in his newfound music career "is just fantasy," a question that will resonate with anyone who wonders about what they are doing in life.
Finally, "2:18" drives this EP straight home with its six-eight groove, high background vocals, crisp drumming, clean guitar rhythms, and Cross' soulful vocals and guitar licks. He sings: "You wanted more than I could give/I still want to know/What would it take?/I try to forget/The final break/Just let me know/What would it take?"
Watch Cross perform "Fiction of the Mind" in the studio and pre-order Fiction of the Mind now.

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