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Justin Cross

Justin Cross

Sprung from the North. Refined in the South. Singer-songwriter, Justin C. Cross, is equal parts classy and gangster. His sound is best described as introspective indie-rock. If Lana Del Rey eloped with Miike Snow, and their firstborn child was raised in joint custody by Arcade Fire and Outkast, it would grow up to be “JC”.

JC once lived by the rules society expected of him. He had the wife, house, and career. In the wake of divorce, spending nights sleeping on a cold piece of plywood strung across naked floor joists, Justin met eyes with a guitar he hadn’t touched in 9 years. He knew he wasn’t fulfilling his purpose in life. 

He left a decade of lies with a comfy check, for the uncertain future of his musical teenage dreams. After a multi-year hiatus of being banned from what he loved, he picked up his guitar and began to write like a madman. He arrived.
He released a 5 song EP in 2014, which received national airplay on 37 stations throughout the US, in 32 states. His song “Let me in”, peaked at #4 in heavy rotation on San Antonio’s top 100 records played, ahead of Jack White and Beck. He’s already performed packed shows in Charlotte, and created a buzz in Raleigh, performing at venues like The Pour House and Tir Na Nog. His most noticeable live shows include headlining the SPARKcon music festival in Raleigh, and Hopscotch Music Festival, headlined by St. Vincent and De La Soul. He calls his fan base his “New family”, and cherishes their support. 

His unique, catchy, and instantly relatable song writing, has garnished him publishing deals with LA-based exclusive, Lyric house Publishing, as well as non-exclusives such as Music Dealers.

"They give me a sound I need, the durability I need, and the tone that keeps me flexible in my songwriting." - Justin Cross

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