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Kenny McGee

Kenny McGee

When you mention the name Kenny McGee, one conjures up the image of the consummate professional- an artist whose tenacity and drive have resulted in one of Florida's most prolific musical careers. Rising from the local club scene level; he has become a force to be reckoned with- amassing such titles as singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and national recording artist. McGee gained most of his initial recognition when he fronted the melodic-rock band Julliet that eventually attained cult-like status in the Florida club circuit. Possessing a rare charisma and raw natural ability- he quickly found success. When Julliet hit their utmost peak of popularity; Kenny decided that it would not be prudent for them to sit on their laurels and settle for limited Florida success. He and then guitaristJimmi Delisi took off for Los Angeles with their sights set on rocking the whole world instead.

It would be an uphill battle however; for they would have to regain all the status and comfort that they had given up for a shot at the big time. Joined by bass player Ty Westerhoff and drummer Greg Pecka; they played and proved themselves worthy to all that would listen. Becoming critically acclaimed in LA is no easy feat; but McGee and company were more than up for the task. They reaped what they sowed and then some. One year to the day after hitting the Los Angeles area- they were signed to a major label deal by Enigma/ Capitol Records. After achieving his newfound fame with Julliet, Kenny would not relent. He wanted to broaden his horizons further and found the perfect opportunity to do so shortly thereafter. As an extra bonus said opportunity would return him to Florida. Where he began his solo career with the band "Heartless", a band deep in the rock and roll tradition. It would become an endeavor that would be the biggest evidence of his true potential to date. With the reunion of Julliet and Kenny's solo career he has slated several releases; all of which show amazing depth and character from Kenny and his ever-talented colleagues. When you look at Kenny and his obvious love for all that he does, you must also look at the painstaking and ultimate reality that has followed right alongside him- he will stop at nothing to win. And win he has- his future will undoubtedly be of that same retrospect. But remember; he is no overnight sensation, his magic has taken long, hard work and will certainly continue on- more remarkably than ever before. Kenny once again proves that his passion for music and his desire to avoid complacency result in more than the obvious kudos; for the music and his legions of fans more than aptly speak for themselves.

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