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Lynn Frances Anderson

Lynn Frances Anderson

Powerhouse Singer-Songwriter, Lynn Frances Anderson, has the intensity of Janis Joplin, a down home groove, a fiery passion. Her powerful voice is reminiscent of blues legends. Anderson is a nationally touring Portland-based Singer-Songwriter. She is known for her electrifying, ground shaking voice and a slamming guitar style. Anderson has performed with legendary musicians. She is currently touring with BB King's singing drummer, Tony Coleman and is doing double bills with legendary guitarist, Jennifer Batten. 
Anderson released her 4th CD, "One Fine Day," February 2010. One Fine Day features Jennifer Batten, Tony Coleman, Scarlet Rivera.

Anderson's third CD, "Born Lucky," released March 2006. Born Lucky features mandolin/fiddle virtuoso, Joe Craven (David Grisman Quintet) and slide master, Kirby Kelley. Kirby Kelley is currently performing with blues legend, Bugs Henderson. Anderson’s commitment to positive and inspiring songwriting weaves through the recording. From the encouraging ballad, “Hold On” to the ripping ska-infused rocker, “Painful”, the songs are artfully arranged. Singles from this CD are “Time to Learn to Heal," “Road to New Orleans, ” “I’m Not Sorry,” "Hold On."

Anderson and her commanding vocals are the foundation of her work. Performance venues vary – theatres, concert halls, large festivals and a variety of other venues. Anderson prefers performing with her five piece band for larger shows, but also tours as a solo or duo act. 
Anderson writes with passion and clarity. She is a prolific songwriter covering a variety of styles. She pushes herself to explore new territory both lyrically and musically, yet still maintains the LFA signature sound which arrives through her voice. 
Anderson’s previous CDs are My Famous Friend (1997) and Beautiful Morning (2000). Anderson’s second CD, Beautiful Morning , helped her to gain a foothold for success in the ever changing music industry. Beautiful Morning features Bob Dylan's legendary violinist, Scarlet Rivera . (Bob Dylan, Keb Mo, Tracy Chapman) Beautiful Morning was produced by Anderson and co-produced with folk heroine, SONiA of disappear fear. 
A solid guitarist, Anderson endorses Breedlove Guitars. Other endorsements include John Pearse Strings, Shubb capos, Jodi Head Guitar Straps, Incase tour bags, Audix microphones. 
Lynn Frances Anderson has performed across the nation including festivals in Atlanta, San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Savannah, Los Angeles, and in New York City’s prestigious New York Museum of Modern Art. “The World’s Best all-in-one Jukebox”, MUSICMATCH, has included  Anderson’s song, Beautiful Morning, in the MUSICMATCH Jukebox. 
INDIEGO Promotions have included Ms. Anderson on two promotional compilations with Nils Lofgren and with Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians which led to national and international airplay.

 Anderson has generously contributed her time and talent in benefits for various causes, including the Rock & Roll Camp for Girls, Race the Cure, Breast Cancer, Relay for Life, Our House. Anderson is also member of the bicycling team Wanta Eliminate MS, which has raised over $200,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 
Anderson has been influenced by a wide variety of artists, such as Prince, Shawn Colvin, Annie Lennox, Bonnie Raitt. She has been compared to Janis Joplin by people who knew Janis during her lifetime. 
Anderson balances her music business and muse with her spiritual practice. Anderson has studied healing arts and spirituality. Anderson worked as a member of author, Lynn Andrews' staff for many years exposing her to a deep spiritual practice of personal transformation. Anderson graduated from Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training in the early 2000's.

Anderson has worked with Native American Elders, shamans and other spiritual healers, studied Tai Chi and has a Reiki certificate, although she is not a practitioner. Anderson is currently a student of Zen Buddhist Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. She feels that understanding many types of spiritual practice expands her ability to communicate with her audience. 
"I have always been someone to look deeper. It began when I was a teenager feeling "different" than the rest. I used to lay out different versions of the bible and compare how each version differed. This eventually led to an interest in social work, then my first courses in the healing arts in my early 20's. From there I was introduced to Lynn Andrews' work and quickly became part of her staff helping to coordinate her summer retreats in Joshua Tree, CA for several years. Lynn's work was a gateway into further exploration. I worked with and became good friends with the late Archie Cheechoo (Cree) and Mic Mac Elder, Albert Ward. They introduced me to the Native American sweat lodge and other Native traditions.

Anderson says, "I studied Tai Chi with Strawberry Gatts, a disciple and assistant to Marshall Ho'o. Dr. Ho'o is of the lineage of Professor Huang Wen Shan. *Huang studied with Chen Wei Ming and Tung Ying Chieh, two major students of Yang Cheng Fu." 

She is an enthusiastic cyclist and scuba diver. Anderson made Cycle Oregon history by being the first-ever performer to also ride Cycle Oregon. Her music is insightful, inspiring, sensual and fun.

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