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Martina San Diego

Martina San Diego

With an ignited passion for singing and songwriting, Martina San Diego reflects the intrinsic Filipino tenacity, etched with an ethereal sound attributed to the likes of Dolores O’Riordan, Feist and Eva Cassidy.      

Born to a music-loving family, Martina’s talent was fostered from an early age. A multi-instrumentalist, she started to hone her songwriting skills at the age of 15, and fronted the all-girl band Ivy Rose in high school.  Along with the band, Martina got a shot at America’s Got Talent 2012 and has two albums to their name.       

After high school, Martina took a year off to soak up life in her native Philippines, drawing in the ingenuity and fresh perspective her country had to offer. By the end of her visit, Martina released her solo debut album, Blank Walls (2013), under independent record label 22 Tango Records. Blank Walls features songs like Wanted, Guard Down and Stars, which showcase delicate melodies and her knack for raw and heartfelt songwriting. Her soft, breathy vocals are enchanting and she engages her audience with pure euphony. 

Martina aspires to channel the power of music through the uniquely woven narratives of her own life. Recently one of New York Singer-Songwriter Sessions’ Artist of the Month (June 2014) , the singer-songwriter is currently pursuing a degree in Songwriting and Recorded Music at New York University.   With support from family, friends and fans, she hopes to continue flourishing as an artist and inspiring people with her music.

"My Breedlove guitar is more than just an instrument.  From recording in the studio, to live performance, to intimate songwriting sessions, it has become a true extension of myself.  Crafted with the highest quality, Breedlove instruments stand for everything I believe in as an artist – to create quality music with a distinct sound that will last a lifetime.  And as a singer-songwriter,  I hope to continue writing music that will match the standard of Breedlove’s unique and well crafted stringed instruments.”                 - Martina San Diego 

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