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Mayday Radio

Mayday Radio

“Meaningful Music: Mayday Radio has Something to Sing” – The Huffington Post

In today's complex world of competing political, economic and social agendas, Mayday Radio raises its voice. Using music as a vehicle to drive social progress, Mayday Radio, led by singer/songwriter Jeff Ting, takes an honest look at the discrepancies between who we are as people, and who we strive to be.

The latest album Don Quixote, named after the most influential work of literature from the Spanish Golden Age, recalls the famous story of an old man who finds a suit of armor in his shed and becomes a knight in an attempt to revive chivalry. “I liked the concept of Don Quixote blazing his own path no matter how crazy people told him he was,” said Ting.

Much like Don Quixote, Ting is living the life he wanted to live. A classically trained Cornell University graduate, Ting moved from Western Mass. to New York City to immerse himself in the city’s cauldron of creativity. Influenced by bands like U2, Pearl Jam and Coldplay, Mayday Radio’s songs explore issues ranging from capitalism and religion to human rights, politics in Washington and global poverty.

The track “Wine to Water” is named after a charitable organization whose mission is to bring clean water infrastructure to people in third world countries. “They raised money in the beginning by having wine parties and then donating the proceeds,” he said. “I loved the juxtaposition of the words because the original saying ‘Water to Wine’ implies that wine is the more valuable commodity. But if one has no water, then wine doesn’t do him much good.”

“Insiders & Outsiders,” another song off of Don Quixote, is about big money in politics and depicts “Insiders” -- politicians, lobbyists and large corporations – as having unfair influence over what laws get passed. “I hope people listen to my songs and question things a bit more,” said Ting. “And I hope they watch a little less TV and do a little more volunteering.”

Mayday Radio’s song “Oneman” can be heard on MTV, and has been licensed by E! and Oxygen networks. Jeff has been named a finalist in the Songdoor Songwriting competition (2012, 2007), and received Honorable Mention by NY Songcircle (2010). Mayday Radio has performed across the country in notable venues like New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall, Cake Shop, Bowery Poetry Club, The Bitter End and more. They’ve performed in Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Ithaca, Buffalo, Syracuse, Harrisburg and at a long list of colleges.


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