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Michael Jeffers | Joe Nichols

Michael Jeffers | Joe Nichols

Photo Credit Stills by BJ

Michael Jeffers is no stranger to the bass.  In fact, one could say that it would be strange to see him without a bass in hand.  At age thirteen, while other young adolescents are contemplating other rites of passage, Michael decided to follow in the steps of his father and become a musician.  It was the right passage for him indeed.  Jeffers recalls:

“I remember going to look at a bass with my dad & younger brother, that dad had found in the paper.  It was way out in the country in this trailer.  I was so excited to open the case and it was like in Pulp Fiction when they finally open the briefcase.  I knew I had to have it.  It was a Peavey t-40 and it weighed about as much as I did!”

At first Michael's musical experiences were more of a family affair.  Throughout middle and high school, Michael along with his younger brother and father, played county fairs, theme parks, block parties and other social functions with the family band around East Tennessee until his graduation from high school.  Then moving from Kingsport, Tennessee, Michael attended college at Middle Tennessee State University where he graduated with a Recording Industry Management degree.  During these years Michael honed his skills and paid his dues with an Alt Country Band, "The Habaneros" and with a three piece power rock band, 1492, playing Cream and Led Zepplin inspired rock. 

While in college and in his post college years, Jeffers did what any young, talented and determined musician would do: He paid his dues and began to take his place among the Nashville music elite. 

"I did the Thusday-Saturday, four sets a night house band thing around the country for a few years while also doing showcases and playing with various singer songwriters in Nashville."  

This eventually led to a the break for which he'd been searching.  In 1999, Michael became a founding member of the critically acclaimed country band PINMONKEY.  Billboard magazine wrote, “Pinmonkey combines expert, aggressive musicianship with sterling vocals and swing-for-the-fence performances...”

Jeffers toured and enjoyed success on the country charts with PINMONKEY for six years while promoting three albums nationally.  After the band had dissolved in 2006, Jeffers began working with various national acts including Chris Knight, Bombshel, Radney Foster and Ashley Monroe.  From 2007 till present day, Jeffers is on the road with Red Bow recording artist Joe Nichols  and the Damn Band Randys.  

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