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Put aside the usual things like style and genre classifications-it takes much more for a band to really make a personal connection with people. That’s something Myloveinred understands well. This small town Southeast Missourian quartet started in early 2009 after Sudden Calling (Mark Wilson and Eric Callahan’s former group) split just before their last show. Without a name or lead vocalist, long time friend Jordan Copeland, stepped in. Members: Mark Wilson- Bass, Eric Callahan-Drums, Matt Jones- Guitar and Jordan Copeland-Vocals and Guitar felt much more than just a show that night in Blue Springs,Missouri.. They had a solid conviction of truth and a deep desire to answer God’s call.

Isaiah 6:8 8:   (Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!")  this scripture is the foundation and reminder of what they have set out to do. “We are a ministry that consists of young men whom have heard God’s call and have chosen to answer by going out into this world  planting seeds into the hearts of humans beings no matter the cost.” Eric says. With lots of prayer and faith they began their adventure by adding more shows and events to the calendar.  Immediately, the words began to flow and they stated writing songs. Early in 2010, they went to the studio and recorded their first single “Everything”.  “We threw out over 100 different names for our group and each of them were great, but not THE ONE,” said Mark.   “We wanted something that represented our love for our Savior."   "We wanted a name that not only represents our band, but one that represents how each of us strives to live our lives." Mark added.

My Love in Red
He knows everything about you and still died for your love.
The whole of scripture is inerrant and is road map for living a Christian life,  but certain parts of the Bible stand out…these parts are the words of Jesus Christ and are written in RED. The way we live our lives show just how much we love our Savior. Our words, our actions, and even the music we listen to is a reflection of our worship to God. As a Christian, we should strive to live our lives to honor the words written in red, Jesus’s words. “I love the facts that even when I feel like I'm not worthy of His love, Jesus died thousands of years ago for me.  He knew me and He knew the choices I would make and yet, He still laid His life for me.”  says, Jordan.. In early 2010,  guitarist,  Matt Jones stepped down from the group for personal reasons leaving it incomplete once again.  God had a plan and sent Jake Bond. The new fourth member of the group was Jake Bond-guitarist and vocalist.   He took over and helped drive the music.  “Our journey is undeniably of a greater plan.”  Jake said   “Myloveinred isn’t just a band or music outlet for me, it’s a ministry that allows us the opportunity to had over our hearts and faith to the Lord.” He added.

Myloveinred's direction has never been more defined. Never losing sight of their vision of worship, love and faith, Myloveinred has strived to create music everyone can connect with. With energetic live shows, honest lyrics, and catchy melodies, Myloveinred has been winning over the hearts of listeners everywhere. With dedicated members and passion for fuel, Myloveinred will continue to supply substance for those in search of something more……..something with hope, faith and music that has true meaning.

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