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Breedlove Guitars

Nick Del Vecchio

Nick had the privilege of growing up around music at a very young age. With both of his parents being drummers, Nick picked drums up quickly, but also had fascination of other instruments and how they worked. at 4 he would sit at the family piano and pick out melodies from his favorite movies and songs.

He picked up guitar as a hobby out of high school when he wasn’t drumming for bands or events. Being left handed, he ended up learning a standard guitar holding it left-handed. Nick spent a couple years in Australia studying music, played in a couple cover bands, and teaching drums in his spare time. After coming back to the states and playing for large events, multiple sports teams and concerts, drumming took a back-burner to other things. Eventually the hobby of playing guitar became a way of life, and now He is serving as one of the Worship pastors at a cutting edge multi-campus Church. You’ll find him at one of the current 5 campuses around Phoenix. 

Nick will never be done learning and growing as a musician. His constant pursuit of growing drives him to constantly be learning from people, and teach people along the way.

"I fell in love with Breedlove back in 2008 when I was leading a Surf Camp in California. I got a band together and someone in the band brought his Breedlove to play for fun. I ended up borrowing it a couple times and loved how it sounded and played. I couldn’t get over how clear and full it sounded. It was different, and looked amazing. 

I ended up purchasing a Breedlove Studio in 2010, and I was sold from then on. I have been playing Breedlove on and off stage ever since." - Nick Del Vecchio

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