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Nicole Hickman

Nicole Hickman

Music seemed to chase after Nicole. From a young age, Nicole was involved in many after school activities, yet even the fullest schedule found her cutting out time to sit down and pound on the drums or break out the guitar and sing away on the front porch. As she grew older, music became a way to release stress, express unspoken feelings of a true introvert, and, somehow, begin to see the world in color after a day that maybe had grown dark. Nicole had a way with hearing every note, every strum, each hit, each word, and loosing herself in the same emotion the original songwriter could have felt.

It was after years of self-taught, at home practice on her instruments that she was encouraged by the church to join the worship team. By the gift of God she grew into a servant leader. Leading worship exposed Nicole to a love language left by Jesus that longed for His people to talk back, and she wanted to help His children do just that. Music was becoming an obsession, but never did she consider it a vocation.

Now in college she studied pre-medicine, and co-captained the women’s soccer team, yet she still found herself carving ample time to cut into a new song and drive out beats on the drums for hours. Graduation came and went. Wonderful opportunities and jobs in the healthcare field were accepted and grown up life began, and then it hit her. She was called to be a worship leader. Music had followed after her for years, but for the first time she understood that leading worship was something she was willing to risk financial security for; a responsibility she was uniquely gifted to work out. With a fat healthcare paycheck and benefits package to consider, Nicole gave her two weeks notice, and began worship leading in a church in Yakima, WA.

Little did she know she would soon, after the two weeks notice, receive an email by a Christian Pop/Acoustic artist named Holly Starr ( who would be looking for a drummer. Nicole accepted the audition, and with the right timing and circumstances was brought on full time to tour the nation professionally as a musician. Holly’s ministry vision, outreach, and needs with in the band lined up almost perfectly to what Nicole had to offer. On top of that, it turned out Nicole’s skill on the acoustic guitar would be a great fit into the set, and radio interviews.  The fit couldn’t have been planned any sweeter.

Nicole now tours full time with Holly Starr as her drummer, guitarist, road manager, and friend. Holly play’s everything from small country churches, community stages, to main stage festivals and youth events year round. Holly’s youtube music videos combine for over 1.5 million views, with her current single “God Is” surging waves of healing across the airwaves.

After years of chasing her, music found Nicole, and she will tell you, she is at peace!

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