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Noah Alexander | The Plott Hounds

Noah Alexander | The Plott Hounds

Formed in April of 2014 with an angst to revive the sounds and stories of country music with a rock and roll backbone...Heavily inspired by 70's rockers of old - The Allman Brothers Band & Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Plott Hounds aim to put their own spin the classic southern rock sound.  One founded heavily on talented lead players, powerful lyrics and heaps of raw energy.  It is music from the heartland of America, Part Southern, Part Mid-West. We are best served live, with a cool beverage in hand. Our debut record - "Living Free" is available now, snag it and join us in the sing  along coming to a city near you. 

About Noah:  Born in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia with a passion for music from day one. Previously a violinist, one day picked up a guitar and never looked back.  Raw vocals, filled with gravely undertones and writing songs about his life lessons learned down a windy, sometimes dark, sometimes sunny road.  His passion for music, and the songs he writes, sings and plays bellow out through the microphone. His dream is to restore the sounds of old, back when songs were about stories...when they made you feel something.

"Breedlove gave me the sound I needed to write the songs that I had buried inside of me for so long.  It was not until I put my hands on and began  strumming a Breedlove that I really felt I was capable of turning the songs in my mind into tunes that people would enjoy hearing.  The craftsmanship, quality and overall combination of elegance and soulful sounds are what makes Breedlove  guitars stand above the rest.  Breedlove has been there since the beginning of The Plott Hounds and will be there through it all." - Noah Bodner

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