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Paul Wayne Pierce

Paul Wayne Pierce

Just a few years into Paul’s country music career and he has already started catching the eye and hearts of many. With many notable co-writes and tour appearances, published and accomplished singer/songwriter Paul Wayne Pierce continues to grow.

Love, life, brokenness and faith is the theme for the new EP, and it’s reflected by the very real lyrics that come out of songs that Paul has prepped for this new project. It moves from song to song giving you a glimpse into Paul’s heart, his struggles and life. Pierce made significant changes in his life leading up to his upcoming release.

The new direction has yielded the most focused and intense writing and vocal movements of Pierce’s career. The new songs reflect a passion that burns in Pierce’s heart and it especially shows in his live performance. “when I am performing I’m the happiest” Paul said “I love sharing with people and giving a moment of peace or rest to someone in need for those few moments that maybe they can get lost in a song with me.”

“I’m a Missouri boy with some big dreams,” Paul says “None of us really know where life is going to take us or what we will eventually be or become because I feel like we are always evolving and changing into something new, what we wanted yesterday may not be what we want today or tomorrow. I want to live in the moment and be a light to people or to at least one person, life is about helping others and I just want to make someone smile.”

Since making the move to Nashville, Paul has forged his path in an industry that doesn’t allow for people to make their own way. He has a mix of modern country, classic country, soul and rock, while also continuing to reinvent himself and his sound. As Paul preps for the upcoming year he is excited about getting out and sharing his new ep with everyone. Look for him in your state soon.

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