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Seeking Shelter

Seeking Shelter

Raised on tradition in the deep south of Alabama, the members of Seeking Shelter understand the power of a great song.  Brothers (Jeremy and Jody) have been writing their songs since birth, (or at least as far back as they can remember)!  Along side life long friend Brandon Breland, the trio pull together a “Crossroads” style of music.

Cutting their teeth on just about every genre, the guys deliver a truly unique sound! Seeking Shelter has been traveling and playing across the nation for nearly 7 years. With several of their songs topping the global indie charts and invitations to Ireland, Brazil and Australia, their future is looking very bright.

Jeremy Clements (Vocals) said, “I know we may not change the entire world, but wherever we do go, at least I know that they’ll see Jesus thru us, even if it was only in a song. I’ve always felt like, its not about what your “giftings” are. Whether you’re an evangelist or a doctor. It’s what you do with it that matters. We are all part of a bigger body with all different functions. Mine just happens to be bringing the lords hope and love  thru a song. So that’s what I’ll do for as long as he will let me.

Jody Clements (guitarist/background vocals) said, “I really hope this next album allows everyone hear who we are. Not just a band, but a family that’s been through the ups and downs together. Real songs from real people. No bells and whistles just us guys playing our music…”

Family values run deep with these guys and you can hear it in there lyrics. When they’re not on the road or playing out, you’ll find the guys with their wives kids, grilling out back, playing horse shoes, hunting, fishing or enjoying one of their other hobbies.

Brandon Breland (Guitarist/Vocals) said, “We took a year off the road to spend at home with our families. To refocus on what’s really important. During that time God has put some great songs in our hearts and I hope everyone that hears them, gets something from it.”

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