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Steven Seawright

Steven Seawright

Steve Seawright was born with one mission in life: learn to play music! He has been doing so for as long as he can remember.  His first memories involve a toy piano, several toy guitars, a set of drums and several other assorted musical “noise makers”.  As a child, he remembers playing just about every instrument known to man (including the pots and pans from Mom’s kitchen).  One magical day, as a birthday surprise he received his first real guitar.  It wasn’t just a guitar it was a bass guitar.  Once he picked up that bass all the other toys went away.  Steve’s Dad brought home a Fender Mustang bass guitar and a small practice amp.  He spent countless hours thereafter absorbing everything bass!  His life changed at that very moment as he began his musical journey.

Today, Steve is enjoying life as the bassist/vocalist with Nashville recording artist Anna Catherine DeHart.  DeHart, an artist striving for the top in Country music, blends traditional country sounds with super smooth modern country female vocals.  When he is not playing shows with DeHart, Steve loves spending time producing and engineering other projects as well as living his dream of playing sessions for artist all over the country. He says it brings him great joy to lend his years of musical experience to whatever project he's currently involved in, whether it be producing another artist, laying down tracks or performing live on stage.

When not on the road, Steve and his wife Glenda Seawright spend their free time at their country home in Missouri enjoying all of the wildlife that surrounds them and giving God all the glory for it!

"I own a 4 string Solo series acoustic bass.  The first thing I noticed was the high quality craftsmanship that I have come to associate with Breedlove instruments.  This model was crafted in Korea, but designed in the US.  It’s rock solid. 

The Cedar top has a glossy finish that is just gorgeous.  I absolutely love the feeling of the semi-gloss neck. It feels smooth with an almost satin feel and plays just as nicely.  This model is equipped with LR-TCV electronics (LR Baggs).  There are plenty of tone shaping options onboard the Solo series basses with 3 band EQ, presence control and a bypass button.  It also features a large volume knob so you’re not fumbling around with knobs in a dark room.  Plugged up, the sound rivals an electric bass with deep rich resonance and full-bodied tone.  The tuner is also easy to view in dark venues and seems to be very accurate.  I love the second sound hole on top near the controls.  It allows me to hear more of my bass during rehearsals.  Overall, this bass has been a workhorse for all of my acoustic shows and it’s usually used for rehearsals as well.  An over all well-rounded bass with features normally found on high-end guitars." - Steve Seawright


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