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The Breedloves

The Breedloves

Jay Kirkland and Barbara Gorin are the Breedloves Acoustic Dynamic Duo, whose romantic, original acoustic music and innovative covers shine with their musical chemistry and passion for all things guitar. Both Jay and Barbara are volunteers with the Contra Costa County Chapter of the nonprofit children’s music charity, Guitars Not Guns.

Jay was born and raised in Richmond, California. He’s been playing guitar since he was a child and is an avid song writer. He is fluent in all styles of music: from jazz to blues, to metal to fusion.  This is one of the many reasons he loves to play Breedlove guitars, because of the versatility of the instrument and being able to play all styles without having to switch guitars.  A music instructor, Jay knows firsthand the joy that music brings. Music saved him from destructive behaviors and he believes strongly in what Guitars Not Guns stands for.

Barbara is from Silver Spring, Maryland and lives in Diablo, California. She has been strumming the guitar since she was little as well and has a particular love for playing the 12 string. She teaches free lessons all over Contra Costa County volunteering her time and also works as an Arbitration Administrator at a prestigious law firm since 1988. She has been involved with Guitars Not Guns since 2005 and along with other volunteers, has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars as well as successfully graduating over 500 kids who were given free guitar lessons and a guitar.

Guitars Not Guns is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit children’s music charity that strives to stop violence in schools and the streets by providing a music program for at-risk teens and other deserving children.

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