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The Makes

The Makes

The Makes are kieran Makepeace, Finian Makepeace, and Parker Richey.

The brothers grew up in Ithaca NY, and their music style was heavily influenced by live performances from local festivals like the Grassroots festival as well as the countless classics from their parents record collection. They took on writing and performing music from an early age and had small success with bands they formed in high school with older brothers Aidan and Liam. 

When Finian moved to SF his brother Ciaran joined him a year later. It was then that they started seriously writing and performing together. Since, they moved to Venice CA and from their have toured throughout the US, Canada, and the UK to a growing following.

Lead guitarist Parker Richey is also grew up on the east coast and began playing music at a young age. He started playing the piano when he was 3 years old and at age 9 switched to playing the guitar. "In high school I would play in bands, and with my friends in garages and basements for fun. I went to college in Boston at UMASS Boston and got my degree in English. While in Boston I played constantly around the East Coast with different bands. After graduating I moved out to Los Angeles with the band I was in at the time. Although that group broke up, I stayed in LA to continue to play, write and record music".

He met Kiaran and Fin in 2013. "I was invited to their house by a mutual friend for Thanksgiving. They had drums and guitars there set up and at some point we all started playing. Immediately everyone was having a good time and enjoying playing together. Over time we continued to play together in various projects, and eventually decided that we wanted to form a new band based on our combined musical skills and tastes. The result is a band that draws on influences from the past but also has a very unique and original sound".

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