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Three and Twenty

Three and Twenty

3 and Twenty’s music transcends the limited boundaries of traditional and contemporary genres. It is Country at its highest evolutionary level that cross reverberates with a unique blend of hip hop, southern rock, and R&B. Combine their passion for song writing with a high energy, must see live show, and you have something that can’t be explained… it must be experienced.

Staying true to their country roots, their writing is influenced by legendary artists like Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, Alabama, and Lynyrd Skynyrd; combine that with hip hop influences like Bone Thugs N Harmony and Dr.Dre, then add soulful harmonies inspired by Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight and you’ll appreciate the eclectic, good ol' boy, rowdy back-road realism with a touch of “southern swang” (southern swagger with a twang) that makes 3 and Twenty appealing to all demographics. To give some perspective, Stone Cold Steve Austin recently had this to say about 3 and Twenty on his pod cast show, "After listening to their album 20 times, I hear Keith Whitley, George Straight, Blues Traveler, GD hip hop, elements of rap, I hear Merle, I hear bad ass country, I hear 3 and Twenty. I hear different influences, I said "man this is a bad ass album. It's country, but it's a lot more than country". They are country boys, cranking out a fresh ass bad ass sound. You will also hear some Kid Rock in there... all kinds off stuff in there. They are bad ass and funky, but its down home bad ass music".

3 and Twenty started on a late night in January 2010 with a bottle of whiskey, acoustic guitar, and two South Carolina country boys (Adrian Lee and Butch Gibson) hell bent on writing new music that is real and comes from the heart, after their former group EPDMK came to an end. Not focusing on genres, or worried about their "sound", they actually created a new "sound" that is very fresh, yet familiar, but is also different enough that you really can't compare them to anybody, but try to compare them to everybody. "We wanted to just be us, be real, and make music that we wanted to make. We weren't trying to fit any mold or worried about what people would think. We are who we are and we feel that honesty comes through in our music". 

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