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Coyote Willow | Tim Coffey

Coyote Willow | Tim Coffey

After more than 20 years as a professional backup guitarist & currently based out of Bend, Oregon. Tim has been at the fore front of helping to create Breedlove's signature “ Hear the Difference “ guitar samplings and videos. 

Tim is also out front as a guitarist, singer and songwriter, with accomplished Cellist Kat Hilst as “Coyote Willow".  Coyote Willow’s exciting combination of cello, guitar and rich vocals combine to take you on a musical journey that will have you laughing, crying, dancing and celebrating the rhythms of life.

Coyote Willow blends progressive acoustic Americana with hints of Celtic influence for an extraordinary mix of vocal harmony, haunting instrumentals & foot-stomping rhythms.  Accomplished musicians and songwriters, the duo’s innovative artistic partnership creates a magical performance experience of genre-crossing styles with intriguing complexity.

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