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Todd Haaby

Todd Haaby

Todd’s musical influences started at a young age. Raised in Northern California, Todd’s mother encouraged all of her children to explore their musical abilities by teaching them the basics of music and music theory.

By age 15, Todd received his first guitar as a birthday gift, not knowing that it would prove to be a life changing event . Realizing his new found passion for this instrument, he dedicated the coming months to constant practice, only showing his face for the occasional PB&J sandwich. Within six months, Todd formed his first band becoming lead guitarist, fulfilling a personal goal. The next three years opened many doors to incredible opportunities which included live concerts, clubs, and radio performances. At age 18 Todd was asked to perform live with Grammy Award-Winning artist Phil Driscoll.

After many years of experimenting with a variety of musical genres, Todd, then 24, was introduced to the sounds of Spain. Attracted by the fiery passion of Latin music, this would mark a turning point in Todd’s musical direction. With a growing love of Spanish music and the fortunate opportunity to travel abroad, Todd developed a unique style all his own.

From riffs he learned as a kid listening to Edward Van Halen, to the explosive sounds of the Gypsy Kings, Todd has combined all of his musical experiences to write and define a flavor of music indicative of Nuevo Flamenco.

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