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Tyrone Carreker | Sam Hunt

Tyrone Carreker | Sam Hunt

Tyrone took the long way around to get to this point in his musical career. Tyrone is very funny and can command everyones attention while on stage but he is actually a little shy in person when you first meet him. He has always loved music. He started playing the string bass in 4th grade and played until he was in 11th grade. Around the 10th grade he picked up an electric bass and started playing in a jazz band. He played about two years in the band when he heard a song called “Feels So Good” by Chuck Magione. He fell in love with the guitar solo and wanted to pick up a guitar but didn’t actually get around to it until his 4th year of college when he was 22 years old.

During his first year of college he took a choir class and until that point he had never sang in front of people. He still says it’s the best class he had ever taken. At this point, he still did not pursue his musical dreams. He continued to study Engineering at the University of Michigan. It was during Christmas of 2005 that Tyrone’s mother bought him a guitar book and bass amp, but no guitar. It took Tyrone approximately two days later to buy his first guitar and within two months he decided music was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and he started planning his life accordingly.

He started playing in a church band and he basically fell in love with the guitar. He would practice 6 to 8 hours a day often driving his room mates crazy. One year to the day after picking up his first guitar, he played his first open mic in front of family and friends. His first performance in front of an audience was not easy but he got through it. He starting playing a lunch hour set at a popular sandwich place called Potbelly’s in Michigan.

Tyrone decided to move to Nashville in 2008 to pursue his musical dreams. When he arrived he had only written about 3 songs but quickly adapted to the life of a songwriter. Now Tyrone plays several times a week around Nashville and is on the verge to signing his first publishing deal. Tyrone Carreker at a mere 26 years of age is an amazing artist and songwriter who has devoted his life to creating music and entertaining.  He co-writes with several songwriters in town and when not performing he’s attending music events and writing!
In a recent article at (an online magazine) and, the writer states pound for pound Tyrone is one of the best songwriters he had caught live in Nashville with the soul of Keb Mo or Craig David, the guitar laced melodies of James Taylor, and the coolness of Jack Johnson.  Do yourself a favor and go catch Tyrone at one of his upcoming shows!

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