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Wall of Tom

WALL OF TOM is a 5 piece Alternative Rock band based between the sands of Santa Barbara to the pavements of Los Angeles, featuring female/male vocal duo Tommie Vaughn and Tony Grimes. Blending L.A. Rock Roots with West Coast Country swagger, WALL OF TOM expands past conventions with their unique vibe and musical palette - acoustic guitars, cello/ukulele, bass, and drums. Touching on the bedrock of Fleetwood Mac, The Pretenders, and the Pixies, WALL OF TOM loves to push and pull on the various threads of Rock’s DNA while remaining firmly focused on songcraft. With songs that celebrate aggressive loving, desire and release, heartache and courage, WALL OF TOM pulses and throbs on a mission to knock down walls, entice crowds with lush sonic stories and captivate audiences with authentic original energy.

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